Invisible Braces: Zoom on The Dental Trays

Do you dream of a pleasant smile with well-aligned teeth? Thanks to invisible braces, you can now give yourself a look you crave without having to wear unsightly metal braces.

Lingual braces or dental aligners like those offered by Straight My Teeth are practical and discreet for straightening teeth for teenagers and adults. However, orthodontic treatments using transparent aligners such as Straight My Teeth are not suitable for all dental problems. If you would like to know if you could be a candidate for this type of treatment, do not hesitate to have a 100% free smile evaluation. It’s free, and it won’t take you more than a minute!

Invisible Braces: The Different Options

  • Invisalign invisible gutters
  • Lingual orthodontics

Invisalign Dental Trays: Prices and Information

Invisalign dental trays Invisalign trays are comfortable, practical, and above all, 100% discreet.

The first invisible orthodontic solution that we will talk about is the revolution of the last few years in terms of braces. It is the Invisalign dental aligners.

This treatment works with a system of “transparent aligners” called Aligners and has many advantages over the traditional or lingual orthodontic course. It has many advantages over the conventional or linguistic orthodontic system:

  • Invisalign aligners are often less expensive than lingual orthodontics.
  • The device does not contain metal, so it ultimately reduces the risk of discomfort and cuts.
  • Dental trays are utterly invisible since everything in your mouth is made of transparent plastic.

Also, and this is a significant advantage, Invisalign braces are offered by many practitioners in France, specifically trained by the brand. You will therefore have no difficulty finding an orthodontist to take charge of your treatment.

The treatment consists of wearing a series of transparent aligners custom-made for each patient. Each tray is worn for about 15 days, and then you move on to the next one, which is slightly different in shape. The teeth are moved very gradually, and the desired smile and position is achieved within a few months.

The Invisalign appliance is useful in most cases where orthodontics is necessary: gap, overlapping teeth, inclusion, preclusion, etc. Only in rare cases is “conventional orthodontics” with braces mandatory.

The price of this type of invisible appliance is also lower than lingual orthodontics and now only slightly higher than a conventional braces system.

Comfort and esthetics are incomparable: no more the famous “railroad” and teenage elastics, no more food stuck in the braces, no more having to be careful what you eat at the risk of peeling them off, cuts… etc. You can now straighten your teeth without the discomfort and still keep a perfect smile during the entire orthodontic treatment.

The Invisalign invisible braces are a real revolution on the orthodontic market, and more and more dentists and orthodontists now offer them to their patients. And they are generally pleased with their treatment!

That being said, you still need to make sure that you are one of the 90% of people for whom the treatment will work. In some more complex cases, Invisalign will not work as well.

To be sure that this solution can solve your dental problems, there is a free and reliable online test, called “Smile Evaluation”: remember to do the test before considering a treatment.

We have found this tool very useful for someone considering wearing invisible braces, and we recommend that you do so below.

How Does It Work?

  • Click here or on the button below to access the “Smile Evaluation” test on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Then click on the images that most closely match your teeth (about 1 minute).
  • You will then immediately obtain a personalized and detailed result according to your case (degree of effectiveness for your teeth, estimated duration of treatment, etc.).

It is, of course, completely free and without obligation, and it allows you to know in only 2 minutes if this solution is adapted to your case.

Invisible Orthodontics Using Dental Trays

  • What is it?
  • Who can benefit from it?
  • How long does the treatment last?
  • Is it painful?
  • Invisalign: what is it?

Invisalign Smile Radiant Smile Thanks to Invisible Orthodontics!

Invisalign is a new cutting-edge technology in orthodontics, the result of many years of research. As we told you, its strong point is the quasi-invisibility of the appliance. Everything is transparent, and there is very little chance that someone will notice that you are wearing braces.

When your teeth are not aligned correctly in adulthood, you would often like to correct your teeth, but you fear having to wear metal braces like a teenager.

Conversely, we know that image is essential in adolescence, and wearing braces that are not visible is a real advantage. The teenager will certainly be more motivated to wear invisible braces!

Therefore, this 100% discreet formula is a real solution for those who wish to correct their teeth without having to wear visible braces effectively.

Moreover, since the braces are removable, you can even take them off for eating or an essential appointment if you fear that someone will notice them.

Therefore, oral care is also greatly facilitated: you can brush your teeth as usual and even floss as you did before starting your treatment. Simply remove the appliance before brushing.

Who Can Benefit from This Technology?

The good news is that anyone can benefit from this technology (as long as you first check that your teeth allow it: here you will find the link to take the free test).

The Invisible Braces for Teenagers :

Formerly reserved for adults, Invisalign has now developed a range for teenagers called Invisalign Teen. The system has proven its effectiveness, and now dentists no longer hesitate to recommend it.

Indeed, teenagers are very concerned about their appearance, and invisible braces are real solutions.

Also, most parents, “victims” in their time of visible braces, probably remember all the nicknames they were given during the treatment… The vast majority of these adults are generally aware of the improvement in orthodontics and wish for a better solution for their children.

However, this solution requires diligence, and it is necessary to be “serious” about wearing the appliance.

Make sure you also check that this system will be useful for your child by taking the free test that you are given here. Indeed, as for adults, Invisalign Teen is helpful for young people in about 90% of the cases, but some dental issues do not allow you to use this solution.

The Invisalign Teen for Adults :

Adults, for their part, are delighted to rectify their smile without anyone noticing that they are wearing braces. More and more adults have indeed been tempted by braces even when they were visible, but the concept of near-invisibility has multiplied the potential candidates!

Regardless of the patient’s age, invisible braces can be used in cases where the teeth overlap or are too far apart, but also in cases where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth and vice versa.

This appliance can be used in malpositioning problems and much more complex issues, causing acute pain in the jaw. Only rare cases cannot be treated with the Invisalign solution.

Depending on the case, two types of treatment are used:

  • Invisalign Full, for the most complex cases
  • Invisalign Lite, for lightweight alignments.

Discover the most common cases treated by Invisalign by clicking here.

How Long Does the Invisalign Treatment Last?

Invisalign dentist, how long does it take to get a beautiful smile?!

As always, the length of the treatment depends on the specific problem and the patient’s age. Only your dentist will be able to give you a real idea of how long your Invisalign treatment should last.

On average, treatments vary between 9 and 18 months, which is still relatively short.

It is essential to be patient and not be discouraged when you are told that you will be wearing the device for more than a year. It is necessary to keep in mind that the results will be visible as you go along and that you may have (with some dental practitioners) a 3D cast of your jaw on the day of your first visit. It is, therefore, easy to measure evolution and progress. And you will be surprised!

If you are considering starting an Invisalign treatment, you can also use the Smile View tool to get an idea of what your smile might look like after the treatment. Very simple to use, this tool works from a selfie :

Are Invisible Braces Painful?

As soon as you touch your teeth, one of the first questions is always about pain! Braces are no exception to the rule. What you need to know about Invisalign braces is that there is no metal, so there is already no risk of reaction or cut as when the props were in contact with the inside of your cheeks. There is slight irritation at the beginning of the treatment related to the plastic material in rare cases. This is relatively infrequent and will fade very quickly.

At the straightening level, this can sometimes cause some “tugging,” which is also very brief, but again, this is the case with all dental appliances.

At present, there are already 3 million patients treated worldwide with this formula, which is encouraging for an innovative product. The number of patients will continue to grow, given the advantages of this solution.

So you will have understood, our choice is clearly in favor of the Invisalign solution for all the reasons we have just mentioned.

Invisalign: The Price of The Treatment

Like the duration of the treatment, the braces’ price depends on the corrections to be made. The best way to find out what your braces might cost is to ask your orthodontist for an estimate.

That being said, the average cost of such a treatment is between €3,000 and €5,000 in total, and versions for minor corrections start around €1,800. Therefore, it is a somewhat competitive solution compared to the so-called “classic” braces because the costs are indeed slightly higher. Still, the difference in comfort and aesthetics is quite notorious.

Invisalign vs. Conventional Braces Invisible Orthodontics vs. Traditional Braces

The majority of practitioners also offer monthly or quarterly payments, which allows you to spread your expenses over the entire duration of your treatment. Starting from the highest rate for the most extended treatment, this only costs about €280 per month.

Of course, as with other types of braces, there is no Social Security coverage for patients over 16 years of age. But an excellent mutual insurance company will generally be able to cover part of the treatment if you subscribe before the therapy begins (see here). So when you think of all the benefits offered by this solution, buying Invisalign braces is nothing more and nothing less than an investment in your well-being and self-confidence.

If you wish to find, a health insurance company adapted to your needs, especially if you plan to start orthodontic treatment, do not hesitate to use a health insurance comparator like the one we put at your disposal for free below. You will then have access to many offers from dental mutual insurance companies, including those that best reimburse orthodontics.

What Is the Difference Between Lingual Orthodontics?

Lingual orthodontics is another type of invisible braces: the braces and wires are placed on the inside of your teeth, so no one but your dentist can guess that you are wearing braces!

In terms of duration of treatment and price for this formula, it is necessary to count between 1000 and 2000 € per semester and approximately 24 months (that is to say between 4000€ and 8000€ in total, which is more expensive than Invisalign). This is a reasonable sum, and the Health Insurance does not cover adult orthodontics.

Another small drawback to this formula, contrary to Invisalign (described above): it can only be installed by an orthodontist, which leads to longer delays in treatment. On the other hand, once treatment has begun, your orthodontist will transfer you to a “regular patient,” and you will no longer suffer the waiting time to obtain an appointment.

Also, this solution’s significant weakness is the discomfort at the beginning and the regular cuts because the braces are located inside. They are in direct contact with the tongue.

Conclusion on Invisible Braces

When it comes to invisible orthodontics, there are mostly two formulas, and it is quite simple to choose the one that suits us best. You can choose between lingual orthodontics (a system of braces and wires located on the inside of your teeth) or Invisalign’s transparent dental trays.

You will understand that lingual orthodontics and Invisalign invisible aligners are indirect competitors: the formulas are slightly different, but they are intended for the same target group of patients who are looking for discreet orthodontic treatment.

Both solutions are equally effective, and both are invisible.

However, in our comparison, we point out additional advantages for the Invisalign solution:

Less expensive than lingual orthodontics

More comfortable: no metal, so no injuries and less visible from above.

Removable (can be removed if desired, e.g., for a necessary appointment)

Faq: The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Invisible Braces

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign gutters are custom-made for each patient and must be worn 22 hours a day. Every 15 days, the aligners are changed so that the teeth gradually take the desired alignment.

What Is the Price of A Dental Tray?

For a dental tray Invisalign, it is necessary to count between 3500 and 5000$ in total. This price depends on the treatment’s total duration, the orthodontist’s fees, and the range of aligners chosen.

What Is the Best Mutual Insurance Company for Orthodontics?

Some mutual insurance companies cover orthodontics for people over 16 years old. It is best to use a comparator to find the contract best suited to your needs.

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